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Mute Snoring Device Trial Pack

Mute works by gently opening up the nasal airways allowing you to breathe more easily through your nose and helping you to keep your mouth closed during sleep. Better nasal airflow helps to reduce the vibrations in the airway that can cause disruptive snoring. If you have trouble breathing during sleep due to a blocked nose from cold, allergies, pregnancy, deviated septum or narrow airways, then Mute may be right for you. By improving breathing through the nose, Mute is an effective, drug-free way to increase airflow, improve breathing and reduce snoring.

Every nose is different. Which is why you'll find three different sizes of Mute in the Trial pack - small, medium and large. Try each one to discover the right Mute for your nose. Mute is also fully adjustable so you can alter the amount of dilation to suit each nostril and get the right balance of comfort and airflow.

Each Mute is reusable up to 10 times. So once you have found the right sized Mute for your nose, it's easy to purchase either a small, medium or large 'three' pack which will last you up to 30 nights.
Breathe More – 78% of Mute users could feel more airflow through their nose*
Snore Less – 75% of Mute users reported a reduction in snoring when using Mute*
Sleep Better – 73% of partners reported a reduction in snoring severity and frequency when their partner was wearing Mute*
Improves Airflow – Clinically tested, Mute gently opens your nose to improve airflow during sleep by an average of 38%^

* Mute Snoring Product User Trial, 2014 User Trial N=118 couples. Results may vary. Marketing Moves, ASAP Breatheassist was the financial sponsor for this study.
^S. Braham, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital 2003. ASAP Breatheassist was the financial sponsor for this study

Mute: Breathe More, Snore Less, Sleep Better

Contains Allergens: N/A

Allergens May be Present: N/A

Free from Allergens: N/A

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use

Suitable For: 12+ years

Always read the label and follow the directions for use

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