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Elastoplast Blister Plaster Extra Large 5

The Elastoplast Blister Plasters work to relieve pressure quickly due to the Hydrocolloid Technology, protecting the affected area. The active gel cushion is based on the principle of moist healing and contains superabsorbers. These soak up blister fluid and allow a protective layer of gel to form over. Elastoplast Blister Plasters are suitable for use anywhere on the foot, specifically useful for heels and balls of the feet. They guard against additional friction, making them especially suitable for area of friction from shoes. By keeping dirt and bacteria away from the affected area, the blister plasters further aid healing. These blister plasters are water resistant and have adhesion technology so they can stay in place for up to 48 hours.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

With hydrocolloid.

Effective treatment and protection for big blisters.

Faster healing with hydrocolloid technology.

Seals safely against dirt and bacteria.

Waterproof and shower-resistant.

Dermatologically approved.

Skin compatibility dermotologically approved. Latex free.

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