Pharmacy Services

Giant Chemist Harbour Town provides you with a one stop destination to meet your health and medication needs.  Our professionally trained pharmacy staff are always willing to help with any of your healthcare enquiries.

We offer a wide range of services to help make every day just that little bit easier.  These services range from our professional dispensing service through to providing professional advise and useful information on health conditions and medication.

So if you have any questions regarding your health needs, are concerned about possible drug interactions or side effects, or want to know more about your medications, our approachable experienced pharmacists are here to help.   We can also provide you with Consumer Medication Information to help you understand your medications and a complete library of Self Care Fact Cards to provide you with information and tips to help manage your condition.

Other services we have to offer include pre-packing your medication into blister packs ( Dose Administration Aids) if taking the correct medication at the correct time is an issue, keeping your prescriptions on file (complimentary), returning of your expired or unwanted medicines, providing suitable solutions for pain management and much more.

Feel free to come and visit our friendly and professional staff to find out more about how we can help you with our wide range of healthcare services to support you to better health.

Pharmacist Advice

At Giant Chemist Harbour Town we pride ourselves on providing the best Pharmacist advice across the huge variety of products and services that we provide. Our Pharmacists undergo the highest levels of training and education. We have some of the most experienced Pharmacists on the Gold Coast with our team having the combined experience of over 100 years!

So for the most comprehensive health advice, the Giant Chemist Harbour Town Pharmacist team can provide you with the guidance you require.

Drug interactions

Here at Giant Chemist Harbour Town we understand and consider drug interactions as an integral and extremely important component of the patient advice that we provide.

Our expert Pharmacist Team is trained to understand and provide guidance to you, our patients, concerning the interactions of your different medications, to ensure your safety at all times. That’s why we encourage our patients to return, allowing us to gain a comprehensive medication history to enable us to continue to provide you with the best and safest advice concerning your medications.

DAA (Dose Administration Aid)

A DAA, or Blister Pack, is a device that we use to pre-pack your medicines. These clearly labelled blister packs organise your medicines into days and times to help you take the right pills, at the right time. A DAA is helpful if you are using a lot of medicines or your medicines are confusing. You, your GP and our pharmacist work together to simplify the medication process for you.

RUM (Return of Unwanted Medicines)

We support the secure disposal of medicines which are unwanted, expired or no longer needed. This often happens with a change in your medicine or the passing of a loved one. We can dispose of your unused or out-of- date medicines for you safely with our free RUM service.

NDSS (National Diabetes Service Scheme)

As agents for Diabetes Australia, we can provide you with the necessary supplies to monitor your blood glucose levels correctly. We can provide you with your testing strips and needles at a subsidised price for members of Diabetes Australia. We also have a comprehensive range of products to support your diabetic health, including lancing devices, lancets, sharps containers, Diabetes Record Books, blood  glucose monitors and sugar-free confectionary.

Staged Supply

If you or your doctor prefers your medicines be taken in instalments, our pharmacist can help you with daily, weekly or fortnightly intervals to make your medication process safer and easier.

Pharmacy Needle And Syringe Program

We can provide you with approved sharps disposal containers and clean injecting equipment. We can also dispose of your used needles/syringes which are brought to us in an approved sharps disposal container.

HMR (Home Medicines Review)

If you have several health problems or have various medicines from various different doctors, is it possible you feel confused with the medication process (what you are taking, why you are taking it and how to take it). Your GP can arrange a referral for us to organise an accredited pharmacist to come to your home and review all your medicines to help you.

Pain Management

Whether it be chronic or short-term pain, our friendly pharmacists can work with you to provide the most suitable options to help manage your pain.