Footwear & Foot Care


Here at Giant Chemist Harbour Town we take footwear and foot care seriously. Our trained staff is aware that conditions such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis), arch and ankle pain, Achilles tendonitis, ball of foot pain and back pain impact on quality of life and are treatable with the correct recommendations and we are here to assist you.

We stock an extensive range of specific products designed to treat the full range of foot conditions including fallen arches and flat feet, bunions and shin splints to name a few. Specific products can be researched and ordered for you if not in stock.

Giant Chemist Harbour Town carries an extensive range of comfort, fashion and orthotic shoes, sandals, thongs, innersoles, inserts and cups to cater for every foot.

Our ergonomically designed orthotic footwear combines functionality and style helping to reduce foot, leg, back pain and hip fatigue with arch, heel and metatarsal comfort and support.

Perhaps you are just looking for great footwear at a great price – you won’t be disappointed when you come into our footwear department at Giant Chemist Harbour Town.