Baby Care

At Giant Chemist Harbour Town we understand that providing your growing bub with the best in nutrition and care is essential to encourage healthy development and growth.

Our comprehensive baby department caters to most of your growing child’s needs. A vast variety of infant and toddler formulas, supplements and nutritious readymade meals at very competitive prices is readily available along with an extensive selection of feeding apparatus in most leading brands.

We also stock a wide variety of breast pumps, sterilisers, infant toys, soothers, storage containers, nappies, wipes and much more! Only a visit into the store can showcase our range to choose from.

If your concern is nappy rash, skin conditions, teething or your baby showing symptoms of cold, flu or fever, we always have qualified, trained staff on hand to assist with your query and recommend the most suitable product from our extensive range to suit your child’s needs.

We also hire Medela electric breast pumps as recommended by lactation consultants and hospitals. Please call us for hire fees, availability and further information.